10.10.2003 Spartak Nalchik - Tom Tomsk 0:0
Nalchik is one of the most inconvenient opponent for our team. 4 balls from departur to Grozny and Nalchik is not bad result for Tomsk. Photo from match: The meeting at the aeroport

7.10.2003 Terek Grozny - Tom Tomsk 1:0
Tom gained a victory by one of the most powerful first division team at Lemontov. Our team demonstrate, that it is a team of Russian Premier League next year.
Photo from match: Football-Review,the newspaper Tomsk fans in Lermontov Surovcev, Tom goalkeeper

30.09.2003 Tom Tomsk - Metallurg-Kuzbass 3:0
After earthquake and the passing of round our command has made uniform route to the geographical neighbours. Studzinski has scored a goal and has filled up the goals account up to 9 balls.

20.09.2003 Tom Tomsk - Fakel Voronezh 1:0
The goal was beaten by Sergey Skobliakov on 19' from penalty. Main trainer FC "Tom" Valery Petrakov has declared, that now for his command 3 scores is much more important, than beautiful game. Tomsk footballers had 4 goal's moment vs opponent's 0 , but could not win largly.

17.09.2003 Tom Tomsk - Metallurg Lipetsk 0:0

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